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At Naturally Kids™ we develop and manufacture premium quality toys, games, and other baby products carefully selecting only certified materials and factories.

Organic Cotton certified to OEKO-TEX 100 & GOTS standards

Naturally Kids™ towels are manufactured with love from Certified 100% Organic Cotton in Turkey — the birthplace of towels.

The manufacturing process and our bath textile for kids have been tested by HOHENSTEIN Institute in Germany to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, making sure the Cotton that will touch your tender baby’s skin is safe and free of any harmful substances.

Our baby products are made of 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS certified).

We Believe Parents Know Better Than Marketers How to Care About Kids

Naturally Kids™ is a family ran company devoted to creating the most natural and healthy organic textile products for your children. We custom-design our baby bandana bibs, french terry towels, and other products. Tediously selecting our manufacturers and organic textile they use we aim to provide your toddles with all-natural and safe touch to their tender skin.

Searching for natural trendy bibs and hooded towels on Amazon, we faced the products created with the rule of marketing and not care for children. Parents outwitted to buy what is claimed “Organic” bamboo, but in most cases is cellulose made out of the bamboo fiber. We did not want to buy the “all-natural” bandana bibs with polyester touching baby’s tender skin.

We genuinely care about children — in our large family, we have 4 of them — and decided to change the situation. Therefore we started making our baby bandana bibs and hooded bath towels with children and their health in mind: both our toddlers and yours.

Please enjoy Naturally Kids products made by the OEKO-TEX 100 certified manufacturers from GOTS certified Organic Cotton.

Why choose Naturally Kids
baby towels & bandana bibs?

100% Organic Cotton

Our hooded baby towels & bandana bibs are made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.

100% biodegradable

All our baby textile products including packaging are biodegradable.

100% recyclable

At Naturally Kids we care about the nature, thus all of our products are 100% recyclable.

Child Products Retail Marketing & Consulting

Naturally Kids will help you to develop and promote the very products market is missing.

Child Products Development consulting services

Naturally Kids community of child product consumers on Facebook, combined with our five-year experience in the development of baby products can help you launch new baby and toddler products to the market with confidence. Our team of online-retail marketing professionals will help you in every stage of your child product development and launch.

Online-retail & wholesale services for US & EU markets

Naturally Kids custom-designed lines of child toys, dolls, and other products are available both for retail and wholesale buyers.

“Organic Bamboo” Myth Debunking

Parents usually tend to trust the opinion of other parents who bought and tested the product—and we were not the exception. So we went for the most reviewed towels on Amazon and found several good options. Some of the softer towels were made from so-called “organic” bamboo. So we began in-depth research of the topic and found out that there was more marketing to that “organic” buzz than there was something organic left from bamboo fiber—which is is a great base material—before it goes through the mechanical manufacturing process that destroys all its exceptional natural qualities.

Why OEKO-TEX 100 & GOTS organic cotton certification is so important

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