About Naturally KIDS® family brand

We Believe Parents Know Better Than Marketers How to Care About Kids

Naturally KIDS® brand was created by Home Supplier LLC — a family-run company devoted to creating safe and fun products for your children. We custom-design our toddler backpacks with plush animals, dolls with dollhouse accessories, and other toys. Our team tediously selects manufacturers and materials safe for both children and the environment. Naturally KIDS strives to provide your kids with remarkable toys to show off and great gift options for parents and grandparents. 

Being loving parents for our children, we searched for beautiful unicorn and dinosaur toys on the market and faced toys created with the rule of marketing, not care for children. Often, parents are outwitted to buy beautifully crafted photos but not safe and well-made toys.

We genuinely care about children — in our large family, we have 6 of them — and decided to change the situation. Therefore, we started making our kids’ backpacks with plush dinosaur and unicorn toys, and mini unicorn baby dolls — with children and their safety in mind.

Please enjoy Naturally KIDS products that are made to comply with the strict Child Safety Standards: ASTM F963-17, CPSIA, CSPA.


Naturally KIDS® brand is the property of Boris Khodorkovsky, Home Supplier LLC.